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Our focus is very much on guaranteeing your wellbeing, but we are also committed to protecting the beautiful ecology of Sardinia. For this reason, we work hard every day to be a truly “green” hotel.

To this end, we have adopted a series of innovations and measures geared towards ensuring a low energy footprint and the safeguarding of the environment, including:

  • LED lighting
  • Special taps for the efficient supply of water
  • Photovoltaic plant
  • Solar panel system for the natural heating of water
  • Use of collective means of transport such as the beach shuttle and bicycles, with a view to reducing air pollution
  • Ecolabel cleaning products
  • Awareness-raising on the importance of saving energy and using eco-sustainable products.

Our commitment to the environment is, first and foremost, an investment in the future, for the sake of our children. It is also a declaration of our love for Sardinia.